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Only Authorized Representatives of the Institution must sign the documents listed.

Fee Schedule
Joining Fee: US$200 (paid once only when first joining)
Annual Fee: US$200 for Institutions.

Method of Payment: All Institutions must use Visa or MasterCard for payment of membership fees online.

Fees and Charges


Fee *

Membership Fee

$200 (Add to Cart)

Initial Processing Fee

$300 (Add to Cart)

Assessment Fee

$300 (Add to Cart)

Package Fee

$500 (Add to Cart)

Each Additional Membership Certificate for affiliate study center

$200 (Add to Cart)

Each Additional Accreditation Certificate for affiliate study center

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Each Additional Accreditation Plaque for affiliate study center

$250 (Add to Cart)

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5-Star System
For the status of membership, 1*, 2*, 3*, 4* and 5* awards will then be given on the basis of point increments over the minimum, Award Certificate will only be available for 4* to 5* membership:

There are four areas of concern: (The following materials are optional, but all of them add points to your membership award)

Areas Documentations and Points that counted
Administration Company Registration Certificate, Number of Enrollments 1 year prior the application, Admission Form, Prospectus, Ceremony held each year,
Content Course Syllabus and Materials (1 Set), Membership and Accreditation Certificate from other organizations, Recognition or accreditation of a course by a reputable professional body
Delivery Technology used in course delivery, Library Service available, Most teaching or tutorial staff with a qualification at or above the level they teach plus industry experience, Unrestricted access to staff by students during office hours or class times, Teaching staff have a teaching or training skills qualification
Assessment More than one person is involved in assessing a student, Opportunity for the student to repeat assessments, Well structured and documented procedures for assessment

If any further information is required, about the ICfHE Membership and the procedures for applying for Membership, please contact ICfHE at the above address or via the ICfHE Internet Web site: http://www.icfhe.org

Or contact the Membership Service Office
Email: membership@icfhe.org 



International Commission for Higher Education
Office 1243,
14781 Memorial Drive,
Houston, TX 77079

Office of President
President: president@icfhe.org

Office of the General Secretary
General Secretary: secretary@icfhe.org
Executive Secretary to the General Secretary: executive@icfhe.org
Director for Finance and Administration: dfa@icfhe.org

Accreditation Commission
Director of Accreditation: accreditation@icfhe.org
Accreditation Commissioner: ac@icfhe.org
Administrative Officer:

Membership Service Office
Director of Membership Service: dms@icfhe.org
Membership Manager: membership@icfhe.org
Public Relations Officer: pr@icfhe.org
Membership Executive:




Ameritech University (5-Star Membership)
Address: Ameritech University
34-20 Calle 34,
Panama 5,
Republic of Panama
First Accredited: 2004
Next Review: 2008

Ameritech University (AU) offers innovative self-directed learning programs that allows you to take charge of your own education. If you're interested in a field so new, specialized, or interdisciplinary that there's no existing program for it, or if you are already competent in your area of expertise AU's  Prior Learning Assessment Program could be the right choice for you.

APEC UNIVERSITY (5-Star Membership)
Principato Di Seborga
The Riveras

Email: george@apecenglish.com
Founded: 1995
First Accredited: 2007
Next Review: 2011
Program offerings TESOL / TEFL, Bachelor, Masters, Doctoral Programs

APEC University offers you distance learning programs that fit your schedule - anytime & anywhere. With APEC's Oxford Tutorial System you can access your one-on-one course supervisor, English Editorial service and course-rooms via an Internet connection, anytime, anywhere. Round-the-clock access supports you to down/upload assignments, contribute to discussions, and review feedback at your convenience. APEC affords you total flexibility-Quality-English Editing -and one-on-one supervisor support to achieve your educational and career goals.
 At APEC University You:
- Gain credit for life experience.
- Customise your course - 100% of what you learn is directly relevant to you educational and career goals.
- Access your supervisor one-on-one-24/7/365.
- Schedule you timetable. Sooner to graduate.
- Course material is available online. Save on course texts.
- Follow the Oxford Tutorial System.
- Course selection is unlimited!

Please visit APEC University website for further information about completing your Online Program offerings TESOL / TEFL, Bachelor, Masters, Doctoral Programs.

Breyer State University (5-Star Membership)

Address: 2100 Southbridge Parkway Suite 650
Birmingham, AL 35209
United States of America
Phone: 205-414-7567
Fax: 205-414-7499
Email: adm@breyerstate.com
Website: www.breyerstate.com 
Founded: 2001
First Accredited: 2003
Next Review: 2007 

Breyer State University, headquartered in Birmingham Alabama, is a leader in innovative online education and curriculum designs.  The University offers distance education programs utilizing online classroom technologies.  Four major programs are offered; Online Degree Programs, Degree Completion Programs, Self-Design Degree Programs and College Certificate Programs.  The University offers over 1,000 online courses and has a highly qualified faculty of over 130 instructors. Associate through PhD degree programs are available in many disciplines.  All programs and courses can be completed at a distance without travel requirements. Students are provided one-to-one faculty mentoring for each course.  A comprehensive resource center online provides students with ample study and research supports.

Program Offerings: College Certificate Programs, Associate Degrees, Bachelor Degrees, Masters Degrees, Doctorate Degrees, Full Online Degree Programs, Degree Completion Program, Self-Design Degree Program, over 800 online courses in a wide array of disciplines at all degree levels


British Royal Academy
( Head Office ) Jeddah Saudi Arabia 60 Street Babdr Blaza 2nd Floor Office 31-33
( Regional Office ) Cairo Egypt Al Harm street 210 - The fourth floor
( locaion ) Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Suite 266, 2nd Floor 86-88


Bronte International University
State/Country of Licensure or Incorporation: Tortola, British Virgin Islands
Postal Address: PO Box 957, Road Town, Tortola, BVI
Email Address: registrar@biu-edu.org
Phone Number: 8668314854
Fax Number: 8668314857
Founded: 1998
First Accredited: 2004
Next Review: 2008


Bronte International University gives qualifying adults the opportunity to convert what is learned in life into college degrees, whether that knowledge is from professional or other accomplishments, work, religious or military training or other sources. You may have qualifications now to earn a college degree or college credits by our assessment of your prior learning, testing or portfolio. Our evaluation and assessment may lead to the award of a degree! Or perhaps a Certificate in certain specified areas of study.

Fort Young University (5-Star Membership)
Address: Cnr. Hodges Lane & Long Lane,
 Roseau, Dominica ,W.I

First Accredited: 2004
Next Review: 2008

Fort Young University offers competency based degree programs that precisely measure the academic aptitudes of  self taught, self motivated working adults throughout the world. FYU is the answer for individuals who are ready to have their knowledge assessed for conversion to college credit.

Lacrosse University (5-Star Membership)
P.O. Box 2520
Bay St. Louis
Mississippi, 39521
Website: www.lacrosseuniversity.com
Program Offerings: Associate Degrees, Bachelor Degrees, Masters Degrees, Doctorate Degrees, Full Online Degree Programs, Degree Completion Program, Self-Design Degree Programs

North America College
First Accredited: 2004
Next Review: 2008

Northern America College is a college promote global education without any restriction and discrimination.

North American Liberty Party
Postal Address: 1319 B Rolling Glen Drive Marcus Hook (Boothwyn) PA.19061 
Email Address: President@north-american-liberty-party.us

Phone Number: (1-610-675-7870)  (1-610-717-7711) 

Pebble Hills University (5-Star Membership)
Email: admin@pebblehills.edu 
Website: www.pebblehills.edu
First Accredited: 2004
Next Review: 2008

The Pebble Hills University is a private, independent institution of higher education founded to serve working adults wanting to pursue educational opportunities without interrupting their careers.

PanAmerica University (5-Star Membership)
Address: American Education Institute, Inc (AEI), 
34-20 Calle 34, Panama 5, Republic of Panama
U.S. Administration & Disbursement
AEIT, 601 E. Seltice Way B-8, 
Post Falls Idaho 83854
Phone: (208) 777 9707
First Accredited: 2004
Next Review: 2008

PanAmerica University is the only accredited online institute of higher learning that exclusively offers Coordinated Studies Programs to adults with above average intellect. (CSP) is considered to be the most "seamless" of all university curriculum models.


Standford Online University
e-mail  : info@sfuni.cjb.net
address : SFU Administration Office, 1901 60th PL Suite L1460 Bradenton, FL34203
Fax Number: +1-707-222-0353
Phone Number: +1-484-423-0469

Standford University is one of the leading universities catering to  the educational needs of thousands of working adults and students through its comprehensive Life/Work Experience Degree Program through online examination.

Worchester University
Suite 1-A,
#5 Calle Eusebio A. Morales El Cangrejo
Panama City
Republic Panama
Central America

World Scientific Association
3087 16TH ST,
CA,94103  U.S.A.
Web: http://www.wsa.com/

Washington American Global University
26 C, Trolley Square ,
Wilmington DE19806,
Web: http://www.wagu-edu.us
Email: admin@wagu-edu.us

Worldwide Campus
Hong Kong
Email: info@worldwidecampus.net 
First Accredited: 2004
Next Review: 2008

Worldwide Campus is an academic institution of HCEI, which is a top class college based in Hong Kong but offering a full range of professional and degree courses for students and working adults throughout the world run by an experienced team of faculty.



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