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What is Accreditation?
Accreditation is a status granted to an institution that meets or exceeds the stated criteria of educational quality. The purposes of accreditation are to assess and enhance the educational quality of an institution, to assure consistency in institutional operations, to promote institutional improvement, and to provide for public accountability.

What is the average cost for gaining accreditation in International Commission for Higher Education?
The total cost usually averages around $700.00 - $1,900 (including Membership Fee) from start to finish depends on the background and past accreditation of the institutions.

What are the costs involved for accreditation?
Membership Fee: USD200 (Pay Annually)
Accreditation Fee: USD1,100 (Valid for 4 years)
Re-accreditation Fee: USD600 (Pay every 4 years)
If you are failed to pay the membership fee every year, your accreditation will also be terminated without prior notice, payment request will be sent in advance.

Can a school be accredited who offers only correspondence/distance learning courses?

Who Should Be Accredited?
Trade & Technical schools (Adult Ed.), Colleges & Universities, Specialized Courses and Training Programs such as union apprenticeship programs

Is ICfHE a governmental agency?
No. ICfHE is the professional quality control mechanism for Colleges and Universities' standards.

Why is accreditation important?
Accreditation gives you a public record of your learning that will be widely accepted by employers, professional associations, by other colleges and universities, and will be recognized in and out of state as well as internationally.

What are the benefits of membership and accreditation?
Membership demonstrates your commitment to innovation, excellence and best practice in learning, enhancing your credibility as an organization.

How long does the accreditation process take?
Generally, it can take about 4-5 weeks for the entire procedure.

As an applicant, may we mention the Accrediting Commission or our applicant status in our literature?
Yes. This would be appropriate if you mentioned that the accreditation status was in process.

Do ICfHE institutions have good services?
Yes! ICfHE institutions are known to have highly sophisticated and well developed student services, carefully crafted curricula, and world-class faculty. And they deliver on their promises.

We have 8 learning centers, can we get one accreditation certificate to cover them all?
If these are centrally planned and managed then this may be possible, although you will need to negotiate the methods of verification and price with the ICfHE. Where each centre is separately managed e.g. in different business units, then this will normally be a separate accreditation application.

Do all schools who are members of ICfHE accept credits from other members?
It is not our regulation, but we also advocate that members of ICfHE would accept credits from other members. By doing this, qualification given by our member's institution will be recognized by another member, your students will have higher capacity in further study. For member institution who are willing to join the community in recognizing others' degree or credits, please contact us for the Credit Acceptance Agreement.



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