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What is Accreditation?
Accreditation is a status granted to an institution that meets or exceeds the stated criteria of educational quality. The purposes of accreditation are to assess and enhance the educational quality of an institution, to assure consistency in institutional operations, to promote institutional improvement, and to provide for public accountability.


Standards and Eligibility
Institutional Eligibility Requirement (PDF)
Accreditation Standards (PDF)



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  • Helps the institution to know its strengths, weaknesses and opportunities through an informed review process.

  • To identify internal areas of planning and resource allocation.

  • Enhances collegiality on the campus.

  • Outcome provides funding agencies objective data for performance funding.

  • Initiates institutions into innovative and modern methods of pedagogy.

  • Gives institutions a new sense of direction and identity.

  • Provides society with reliable information on quality of education offered.

  • Employers have access to information on the quality of education offered to potential recruitees.

  • Promotes intra and inter-institutional interactions.

  • Certifies that an institution or program has met established standards.

  • Assists prospective students in identifying acceptable institutions.

  • Aids institutions in determining the acceptability of transfer credits.

  • Protects an institution against harmful internal and external pressures.

  • Identifies institutions and programs for the investment of private funds.

  • Creates goals for self-improvement and stimulates weaker programs to seek higher standards.

  • Involves the faculty and staff comprehensively in evaluation and planning.

  • Finally, Accreditation provides one of several considerations used as a basis for determining eligibility for federal assistance.

  • Accreditation Package, included Certificate of Accreditation, Accreditation Plague and softcopy of Accreditation Logo.

  • Providers are encouraged to use the ICfHE accreditation mark wherever appropriate: in web pages, prospectuses, brochures, advertisements and other publicity material, and stationery.

  • A hyperlink from a provider’s website to www.icfhe.org is a straightforward and effective way of illustrating achievement of quality and of reassuring would-be learners. We are happy to provide assistance in establishing links.

  • Corporate name on ICfHE Brochure

  • Two (2) Honorary non-voting Memberships on ICfHE Board of Directors

  • your company name, url and large logo prominently displayed on ICfHE website

  • Networking within the independent and leading professional organization



Accreditation Process

Applicant Status
Applicant Status indicates that an institution has achieved initial recognition and is progressing toward accreditation. Within ninety (90) days of receipt of application for accreditation, the Accreditation Assessment Team (AAT) will review applicant documentation for full accreditation. The granting or continuation of applicant status does not assure that accreditation will eventually be attained.

Full Accreditation Status
Full accreditation is valid for 4 years but renewable.

ICfHE's process of assessment is towards holistic, systematic, objective, data-based, transparent and shared experience for institutional improvement.
ICfHE has formulated a three stage process for assessment and accreditation as given below:

  1. All institutions must first apply for ICfHE membership by filling this online form, the annual membership fee should also be paid within a week.

  2. Membership Certificate will be sent by courier within 2-3 weeks after confirmation of payment.

  3. All member institutions which would like to apply for accreditation must fill in the online accreditation form, the initial processing fee should be paid within a week. The Application Phrase 1 (Initial Review) will be processed  after the processing fee was confirmed.

  4. To become accredited, and periodically thereafter, institutions are asked to engage in comprehensive and rigorous self-examination following procedures outlined in the ICfHE Self-Study Guide. Preparation of the Self-Study Report by the institution, which should be submitted within 510 weeks after the application form was sent. The Assessment Fee should be sent together with the Self-Study report.

  5. After receiving the Self-Study Report, the Commission reviews the self-study, the team report, and any response an institution may make to its report, from colleges or universities most recently evaluated.

  6. Grading, Certification and Accreditation based on the evaluation report by our Accreditation Assessment Team (AAT)

  7. After the approval of the accreditation, Accreditation Documentation (Certificate and Letter) will be sent by courier within 2-3 weeks after the Package fee was confirmed.


Currently accredited institutions seeking re-accreditation are required to submit a Self-Study Report, the Commission's actions for re-accredited programs are as follows: 1) re-accredit for either three or five years depends on the institutional effectiveness; or 2) withdraw accreditation and remove program from the Roster of Accredited Institutions. A final decision on inclusion on the Annual Roster of Accredited Programs will be reached 2 weeks after the submission of self-study report.


Fee Schedule (Valid from October 2004)

Application Phase 1: Initial Review.
Fee for institutions that submit materials for initial review by the Commission on Higher Education
Initial Processing Fee: US$300 (exemptible for institution which accredited by or member of our list of organizations A and B)

Application Phase 2: Submission for Candidature.
Fee for institutions applying for Candidate status.
This fee is submitted with the self-assessment document.
Assessment Fee: US$300 (exemptible for institution which accredited by or member of our list of organizations B)

Application Phrase 3: Full Accreditation Status Declared
Fee for the full package of the Accreditation materials.
Package Fee: US$500

Fees and Charges



Membership Fee


Initial Processing Fee


Assessment Fee


Package Fee


Each Additional Membership Certificate for affiliate study center


Each Additional Accreditation Certificate for affiliate study center


Each Additional Accreditation Plaque for affiliate study center



Publicity Guideline

ICfHE members wishing to cite their degree program's inclusion on the Annual Roster of Accredited Programs in catalogs and brochures should choose among the following phrases:

"(Name of the institution) is accredited by the International Commission for Higher Education (ICfHE) Accreditation Assessment Team (AAT) and listed on the Annual Roster of Accredited Programs in conformity with ICfHE standards."

Any program found to be misrepresenting its accredited status through public statements or in documents will be notified by the Commission to undertake appropriate steps to correct these errors and to notify the Commission when public corrections have occurred.


Complaint Against Accredited Institutions

While the International Commission for Higher Education, like all organizations authorized by the Council on Higher Education Accreditation to grant accreditation, is interested in assuring that accredited programs maintain their quality and continue to meet ICfHE standards, neither ICfHE nor its Accreditation Assessment Team (AAT) is a mediator for consumer complaints against institutions or programs of study". ICfHE is an accrediting body, not a regulator or an appellate panel for student or faculty grievances.

AAT will accept and evaluate complaints against accredited programs in connection with annual review of program conformity or reaccreditation processes where there are serious allegations that a program may not be in conformity with ICfHE standards.



International Commission for Higher Education
Office 1243,
14781 Memorial Drive,
Houston, TX 77079

Office of President
President: president@icfhe.org

Office of the General Secretary
General Secretary: secretary@icfhe.org
Executive Secretary to the General Secretary: executive@icfhe.org
Director for Finance and Administration: dfa@icfhe.org

Accreditation Commission
Director of Accreditation: accreditation@icfhe.org
Accreditation Commissioner: ac@icfhe.org
Administrative Officer:

Membership Service Office
Director of Membership Service: dms@icfhe.org
Membership Manager: membership@icfhe.org
Public Relations Officer: pr@icfhe.org
Membership Executive:



Accredited Members

Breyer State University
Address: 820 South Peach Street, 
Kamiah, Idaho
United States of America
Phone: 208-935-0233 
Fax: 208-935-0392
Email: adm@breyerstate.com
Website: www.breyerstate.com 
Founded: 2001
First Accredited: 2003
Next Review: 2007 

Breyer State University, headquartered in Kamiah, Idaho, is a leader in innovative online education and curriculum designs.  The University offers distance education programs utilizing online classroom technologies.  Four major programs are offered; Online Degree Programs, Degree Completion Programs, Self-Design Degree Programs and College Certificate Programs.  The University offers over 1,000 online courses and has a highly qualified faculty of over 130 instructors. Associate through PhD degree programs are available in many disciplines.  All programs and courses can be completed at a distance without travel requirements. Students are provided one-to-one faculty mentoring for each course.  A comprehensive resource center online provides students with ample study and research supports.

Program Offerings: College Certificate Programs, Associate Degrees, Bachelor Degrees, Masters Degrees, Doctorate Degrees, Full Online Degree Programs, Degree Completion Program, Self-Design Degree Program, over 800 online courses in a wide array of disciplines at all degree levels.

Pebble Hills University
(Antico Principato di Seborga)
Fax: +390 377 243 11 76
Web: www.pebblehills.edu 
Email: admin@pebblehills.edu
MSN: admission@pebblehills.edu

The Pebble Hills University is a private, independent institution of higher education founded to serve working adults wanting to pursue educational opportunities without interrupting their careers.

Worldwide Campus
Hong Kong
Email: info@worldwidecampus.net 
Website: www.worldwidecampus.net

Worldwide Campus is an academic institution of HCEI, which is a top class college based in Hong Kong but offering a full range of professional and degree courses for students and working adults throughout the world run by an experienced team of faculty.

North America College

Northern America College is a college promote global education with any restriction and discrimination.



“The International Commission for Higher Education is an excellent accrediting agency.  We are impressed with their defined standards and review process, and are most happy to have achieved their accreditation status.  The benefits we have received are many, including an attestation to our quality programs, inclusion on their official website along with other schools who have achieved the accreditation status, and the ability of our graduates to receive official degree evaluations of “equivalency to regionally accredited US degrees by a credentialed degree evaluator.  Such evaluations provide verification of the quality and rigor of our degree programs and courses, and attest to the high quality of instruction by our faculty.  The ICfHE is a most worthy agency with high integrity.”

Dominick L. Flarey, Ph.D
Breyer State University


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