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Organizational Information

Founded in 2002, International Commission for Higher Education is an independent non-governmental and international organization advocating standard and quality higher education. We support all new and innovative idea in higher education, such as distance leaning and global education. Inter-institutional cooperation such as credit acceptance and/or students exchange in distance learning world is once of our advocates. If you are interesting is such global cooperation and exchange, we are looking forward your participation in our organization. You students may also be interested in spending one or two year in another distance learning institution to have some new experiences.

No matter for traditional or non-traditional learning, we uphold the use of technology in higher education and international cooperation between institutions. Besides, faculty exchange is also a great way for educational improvement. Unity is important for both traditional and non-traditional institutions.

We also have great conviction that students of our member institutions should publish their excellent research papers, it is lacking in some institution, ICfHE is interested in publish their articles and papers in our e-newsletters and e-journals, therefore, their work can be shared and presented in a larger world, award will also be given to those excellent students.

Your new ideas and comments are welcomed, please contact me at ryanmorris@icfhe.org.

R. Morris


Mission Statement

The mission of the International Commission for Higher education, institutions characterized by global values, is to support the members' mission of international higher education by:

  • providing a forum for dialog;
  • fostering and facilitating collaboration among the members;
  • enhancing through collaborative efforts, the ability of the colleges/universities to achieve effective institutional performance; autonomous governance and public accountability;
  • enhance international/intercultural understanding through education;
  • to bring about greater understanding of the impact and contributions of independent colleges and universities in the World.


While focusing on delivery of excellent baccalaureate and graduate education and equal educational opportunity, each of the member institutions aspires to be among the best of the World. ICfHE's institutions offer curricula which are cross-cultural in content and international in perspective within a of semester units and transferable course credits. The curricula tend to be comparative, interdisciplinary, and to relate to the geographic areas in which member institutions are located. Full use is made of the resources available outside the campus in co- and extra-curricular programs, and for the integration of students into local life.


What we do

Our main aim is the stimulation and facilitation of the internationalization of higher education around the world, and to meet the professional needs of individuals active in international education. ICfHE strives to link international education professionals together in order to help create a global environment where there is mobility and education for all.

International Commission for Higher Education is an independent, international and non-governmental organization of diverse institutions committed to the highest quality education for all students, is to accredit institutions and to foster and ensure continuous improvement of educational services.

ICfHE will grant recognition and warranty to all the institutions that meet ICfHE standards, through a voluntary, non-governmental guided self-regulation that is called accreditation.

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Collaborate with the International Entrepreneurs Association (“IEA”)

It is a great pleasure for International Commission for Higher Education (“ICfHE”) to collaborate with the International Entrepreneurs Association (“IEA”) to cross promote between both association and have more services to both of our clients.


International Program Accreditation by Division of Educator Training Quality (DETQ)

What is DETQ?
The purpose of the Division of Educator Training Quality is to provide accreditation and certification service to international teacher training program such as Certificate, Diploma, Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Program in Training and Education (Teacher Certification or non-Teacher Certification Program). The Accreditation services of DETQ are directed towards universities, colleges, schools and private institutions, for further inquiries, please contact the ICfHE Accreditation Commissioner at ac@icfhe.org.


Application period: 10 December 2005 - 12 February 2006


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